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Take your workouts to the next level with Online Training by Easton

Hi, my name is Easton. I’m a former fat guy turned fit and I love helping people achieve their fitness goals. My goal is to help you achieve YOUR fitness goals. Muscle gain? Fat loss? Confused about nutrition? I’m here to help you. 



…tired of trying to figure out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on their own 

…ready to commit to themselves and their results

 …wanting a coach who will hold them accountable and be a safe space to be themselves 

…ready to see massive results in their health and fitness 

…willing to put in the work necessary to see results over time 

…open to being coached and seeing what is possible for themselves 

…want results that actually last instead of yo-yo dieting or hopping from program to program 

If you were nodding along to ANY of those, then Online Training with Easton is the perfect fit for you!

At the end of the program, you will be even stronger and healthier than when you began.

I’m a professionally certified personal trainer in Canada and the only thing I do is drive results 

I will work with you to….

  • Create a customized workout plan 
  • Make recommendations with meals and nutrition
  • Build the best exercises and workout program for muscle gain
  • Help you with weight-loss and keep it off for life

Custom workout programs & meal plans built for your goals

∙Custom Training Program
∙Weekly Check Ins
∙Customized 7 Day Meal Plan
∙Cardio Guide
∙Tailored Workout Programming
∙Diet Check Up
∙Weekly Adjustments
∙24\7 Q and A (12-48hr response time)
∙$175/month, start anytime!

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