Fat Gripz Review: The Best Way To Build Your Forearms

Training your forearms for grip strength should be included to help your lifts, Fat Gripz is a tool that makes training your grip a lot more efficient. This article is my Fat Gripz review that includes real pictures of my results after using them (scroll down to see!).

The last thing you want to happen is your forearms giving out during working out. Your grip strength can make or break your lifts, seriously.

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Think back when you started lifting, where you could barely curl a barbell. Chances are you probably felt the burn a lot more in your forearms than your biceps.

Back then, your grip strength was the limiting factor during your lifts. Unless you train your forearms directly, you could be missing out on gains.

There are a few methods you can do now to train and kill your forearms. There are thick barbells, wrapping a towel around a bar, or just simply wrist curls. Sure you can use wrist curls now and then hit your forearms, but that’s not really efficient (never mind boring!).

My Fat Gripz Review: You’ve Gotta Try Them…

In comes Fat Gripz. I can’t speak enough to the results I’ve gotten from them. In short, it’s a bar wrap made out of  an “ultra tough military-grade compound like rubber” that works anywhere. You can throw them on barbells and dumbbells alike, and still get that awesome pump.

If you want your forearms to grow, you NEED Fat Gripz

The Benefits Of Using Fat Gripz

What Fat Gripz do is allow more forearm leverage to allow more muscle activation in your hands, forearm, and arms. By opening the palm of your hands up, your forearms and arms, in general, will have an increased weight load. You’re forced to squeeze your hands to grip the weight, then move the weight.

I’ve heard of guys using Fat Gripz for the first time and they said it was like picking up weights all over again.

GrowThatMuscle Fat Gripz Review on barbell

There are so many exercises where your hands limit you. Basic exercises like rowing for your back put so much emphasis on grip strength. If you can’t grip the bar, how can you move the weight? Your forearms can give out during a set of pull-ups, and you’re absolutely done before your back had any muscle activation.

I’ve spun my wheels enough in the gym to realize there are better ways of working out.

What I like about Fat Gripz is how versatile they are, and it’s so refreshing to change up your workouts. I know for myself I can get stuck in “workouts ruts” where I just hate training a certain muscle group (like biceps). Adding something new and changing things up really make the gym more exciting. Who doesn’t like new toys to play with?

I even started using Fat Gripz when benching for some variation and it really amps things up.

Best Exercises with Fat Gripz

Forearms respond best to high rep training. If you want some phenomenal growth, try doing across chest hammer curls with Fat Gripz. Really focus on the squeeze of your biceps and forearms on the way up, I guarantee you the pump will be mind-blowing.

Another exercise to use Fat Gripz with is bench press. Since you are forced to grip the bar harder, it requires more muscle use.

Benefits of Fat Gripz

One of the main benefits of Fat Gripz is increased muscle recruitment. What this means is that your body is forced to use additional muscles when lifting with Fat Gripz. While this does make the lift exponentially more difficult, you body receives more stimulus from the exercise and thus can grow.

Do Fat Gripz Work? See My Results

I wanted to review Fat Gripz, so I started using them during my workouts a few months ago. It seems like now I get new veins on my forearms every week. Don’t believe me? Check below.

My review of Fat Gripz

This is just after 3 months of incorporating Fat Gripz into my workouts. Results speak for themselves!

Where To Buy Fat Gripz

You can purchase the classic Fat Gripz on Amazon or Fat Gripz Extreme, which is an even thicker version. In case you were wondering, Fat Gripz are made in the USA. Add Fat Gripz to your workouts and I guarantee you’ll get results!